A unique grid model - across systems, technology and products - ensures that our solutions are up-to-date in terms of getting you the information that you need, when you need it and in the way and format that you want it to manage your tasks.


Real-time generation of technical reports, presenting advanced data in a targeted way to address specific workflows and users. Focused on standardized reports to simplify user training and minimizing mistakes and misunderstandings.


Tracking and analyzing progress via aggregated data analysis to report and optimize productivity across systems, data and workflows. Also enables historic analyses to compare previous performance with current performance.


Using advanced machine learning to fully automate and complete workflows thereby optimizing users efforts by having them focus on potentially costly exceptions and more challenging issues.


Simple and easily accessible overview of key performance indicators providing all users a common foundation for tracking progress and highlighting potential areas of focus.


Recognizing systematic data trends using machine learning and other algorithms to enable continuous optimization via standardization and automation.


Access to the open API (application programming interface) enables simple system integration for intelligent use of utility data in a wide range of diverse systems and workflows.


Open API (application programming interface) platform and support for application development enabling internal or external developers to easy and fast implementation of focused applications using the aggregated data and advanced functionality of the Grid Optimizer platform.